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Sarajevo's historic downtown area, the Bascarsija, is a must-visit maze of winding alleys and wooden shop fronts. It contains some of the city's finest architectural monuments, along with a multitude of traditional cafés with outdoor seating. Look out for bargains on copper ware.

Do & See

If you’re feeling up for the challenge, hike up the hill to the old medieval town and the ruins of Jacje Castle, where panoramic views of the city open before your very eyes. Walking west along the main alleyway of Bascarsija, you will notice the architecture change as you move into Ferhadija Street and into the Austro-Hungarian part of the city. Ferhadija Street is the main pedestrian shopping street in Sarajevo. The streets running parallel to Ferhadija Street are Obala Kulina Bana and Marsala Tita, where you will find many fine examples of Austro-Hungarian legacy.